Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nokia 101 set dead solution 100% ok


Nokia 101 set dead solution 100% OK --

              If your set did not on with battery but flashing tools show software is ok . Then use this solution and make money.

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  1. works only if self test logs says LCD TEST FAILED

  2. {Dear friend,mr.gaurav, i am new in hardware mobile,i learned basic electronics and components functions {works} just i would like to know how to test or check the mobile smd components with digital multimeter on mobile phone pcb, like resistors,capacitors,transistors,diodes,coils etc, whether they are good or bad,on which range should i set example:buzzer or something else,and i saw most of the mobile technicians test the mobile smd components by digital multimeter kept one{black} probe on ground and other probe{red} on smd components, and know the component is good,short,or open please,please,please,advise me in details, i hope you will help me,

    my email id is {vicky.rathaur939@gmail.com}

    thank you...............

  3. Thanks brother,,100 % tested.................

  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anupam-mobiles/619667021411056


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